Sarah-Quita Offringa Women’s World Champion

DINAMARCA – “At the moment I’m just trying to keep all that at the back of my mind because it’s not over until its over. Of course I’m aware that I’m in a really good position, but I’m not celebrating anything yet. I’d also love to go racing, but lets see what happens.” Cu e palabranan ey Sarah-Quita Offringa a termina ayera ora cu e tawata liderando e categoria di Slalom cu Delphine Cousin Questel y Lena Erdil su tras na di dos lugar y di tres lugar.
Title race is on
E resultado a drenta y awor si cu tur trankilidad Sarah-Quita Offringa por celebra e hecho cu e ta logra un biaha mas pa di dos biaha consecutivo e titulo di PWA Women’s World Champion y esaki pa un total di 3 biaha den Slalom.

Un pabien na Sarah-Quita Offringa di parti di Sports Zone Aruba. Masha Pabien!

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